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“Look at those clouds mom!” Nicki shouted excitedly.

Anna looked up to catch a glimpse. The clouds resembled the figure of a little girl like Nicki. Anna smiled and said, “It looks like you dear.”

“Isn’t it?” Nicki seemed glad at her own discovery. Soon Nicki got busy with her puzzle games and Anna drifted away into her past, into her childhood.

Little Anna was playing in the backyard of her home. The sun set just a moment ago and the sky still had some golden tints. The clouds were floating peacefully, without any rush. The shapes of the clouds were changing as if some painter was trying to draw the perfect figure over and over again.

‘Why the figures are changing mom?” Anna asked her mother.

Her mother was reading a book. She looked up and smiled at Anna.

“The clouds are like us dear. It changes their forms outside but inside they are all same. They all are droplets of water.”

Anna got curious, “Is that so?”

“Yes my dear.” Mom lifted her and kissed her cheeks.

“You know I was also little like you, I also chased the butterflies and spent all afternoon watching clouds. I was darling daughter of my mom and dad as you are now. Then I grew up, I got married to your dad. I became a wife. I left my parents house to live with your dad. Then after few years you came into our life, I became a mother. New relations were created but that only strengthened the older ones. So, you can see that a single person can be a daughter, a wife and a mother. But inside I am the same person who loves my family. I love my parents, I love your dad and I love you. You will also be a wife and a mother someday my dear.”


“Yes sweetheart?”

“I will never be a wife and leave you and dad. I love you both so much.” Anna said hiding her face in her mom’s lap.

“We love you to sweetheart.” Mom kissed her cheeks.

Suddenly a cool breeze broke Anna’s trance. She looked Nicki arranging the puzzle pieces. She will also grow up and will leave her nest one day. Her heart became heavy with the thought.

She looked up to the sky and saw it turning dark. The clouds that were resembling a little girl now has turned to a young lady in an attire of a bride.


Be The Change

I used to see a dream very often. I stood in front of a never ending staircase. I tried to climb that every time but after climbing few steps I just got lost. I tried very hard to go ahead but I couldn’t find the way. I even could not stand straight and I began to crawl. I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t climb the stairs while others could easily. I cried for help but nobody came. Suddenly everything around me became dark and I could not see anything. I lost control and I was about to fall. I woke up with a sudden jolt.

The dream was so common that I wanted to analyze what it means but I was not able to find out. I thought hard about when was the first time I saw it. During that time I was stressed about my career and relationship and always thought about what I will do next. I spent lot of time thinking about the long term goals in my life without concentrating on the nearby short time goals. Maybe the dream was trying to tell me something, I thought.

I changed my working and thinking pattern. I gave priorities to my short time goals rather than thinking about my unseen future. I started completing the projects that were pending and tried to be optimistic about my life.

The dream that came almost every alternate nights was not coming anymore. Then suddenly one day, I saw the same staircase. I started climbing as usual but this time I reached the top without any problem.

I realized what the dreams were trying to convey. The small steps in the stairs are like small day to day things in our life. The steps are small but they are very important to lead us to the top. We can not ignore any of the steps if we really want to reach the destination. We just need to faithfully carry our small duties to reach the ultimate goal in our life.

To see a change in my tomorrow I need to be the change today. My conscious mind was not able to apprehend that so my subconscious mind made me aware of the fact in my dreams.

In response to Daily Prompt: Be The Change

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The Chaos Theory

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Be Resolved.”

I do not make any New Year resolution. In fact I never had any in the past either. The reason behind that is, I can never know what challenges are there in store for me beforehand. So, there is no point to take a pen and piece of paper and jot down the probable resolutions that I will never meet throughout the year.

In our universe also everything is not in order. The weather, the nature all shows some chaotic behaviour. So are our lives. Life can not go on by the rules that are preset by us. It goes by cause and effect. That’s why I like the term “Butterfly Effect” from the chaos theory so much. Life is not all about order, about equilibrium but it is also about chaos, about disorder. As long as there is a balance between order and disorder, everything is perfectly fine. Afterall perfect internal disorder is synonymous with equilibrium. I learnt that in the chapter of Entropy (order and disorder).

Having a resolution is kind of fancy for me. I always have a tendency not to follow the rules if that comes as a burden.  That does not mean I do not have any goal in my life. Of course I have my goals and priorities. But they are something that I need not write down and memorize with every passing year. New year is coming and I am ready to welcome it along with the challenges it throws upon me. I believe I have to work according to the situation not by the resolution. Till now I have been successful with that. I believe in the ‘order’ that comes after the ‘disorders.’

So, this year also like other years, no resolution for me.

“Where The Santas are Coming From?”

You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?

Today I will not write about me or my choice. Instead I am going to share the story of original secret Santas who create the gifts for us anonymously.

Christmas is already knocking on the door and everybody is super busy for the preparation. Gifts are ready with colourful wraps. Santa and reindeers are also ready to visit us. But do we know where they come from?

When my brother was young he used to ask me pointing at the miniature Santas arranged in the shop, “Where is Santa’s home and workshop for making gifts for children?”

“It is in the north pole,” that used to be my prompt reply.

“Only one workshop?” My brother seemed puzzled. “How all the children get the toys then?”

“Didn’t I tell you there are many elves who work very fast throughout the year?”

“The elves, yes I know that. What will Santa give me this year?” my brother seemed exited.

After that many winters have passed. My brother does not ask about the whereabouts of red clad miniature Santa anymore. Neither do I think about it. But a small news in our local daily attracted my attention today. My little brother was right. Santa has more than one workshop and they are not in the north pole. The real workshops are situated at a village called Yiwu, about 300 km away from Shanghai city in China. The Yiwu village is known as the ‘Christmas Village.’ And what is the colour of the workshop? Yes you got it right, it is all red. Red floors, red ceilings, even the curtains are red.

I was amazed to know the fact that about 60 percent of the world’s total decorations for Christmas are made inside the 600 workshops that are spread across the village. There are no real elves to speed up the process. The workers are mainly migrant labourers who work up to 12 hours continuously. They make variety of things including mini Santa Claus, red stockings, shoes, red hats, Christmas trees and even LED lights for decoration.

They work so hard to bring that special smile on our face on Christmas day but they do not have a clear idea about what Christmas is.

“Maybe it’s like (Chinese) New Year for foreigners, says Wei, a 19 year old worker from a workshop at Yiwu. Wei and his father migrated from rural Guizhou to this place in search of a job that offers comparatively good pay. Wei and his father wear around 10 masks every day while working in the workshop to save themselves from the crimson red powder that is used to colour the decorative items. This is the reason behind the red attire of the whole workshop. The dust can cause acute bronchitis if it enters the windpipe. The working condition is not good and they plan to return to their home and never come back again to the workshop, once they have earned enough money.

The items are taken to Yiwu International Trade Market which is labelled as “largest small commodity wholesale market” by UN. The mini Santas start their journey all around the globe from this place. When a child looks at the red clad Santa and smiles, it is possible the reason behind that smile is one of the workers at Yiwu Christmas Village. The workers are the secret Santas for the children all around the world. But somehow I feel sad because of the poor working condition the workers have to deal with to make us smile. They deserve better than this because they bring hope and happiness to us. I just pray for their happiness.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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Sweet Little Lies. Yes they do exist in my dictionary.

In fact we should learn the art to speak the sweet little lies once in a while to keep the smile intact in others face instead of saying the harsh truth and robbing their happiness.

I remember once my grandma gave me an old cardigan and said that she will be very happy if I wore that. The cardigan was old, pale and out of fashion but still I wore that and said my grandma that I liked that very much. Her face glowed with happiness.

That one moment of happiness was far more precious for me than telling the truth that the cardigan was not beautiful.

Today my grandma is no more but I miss her a lot. If she was alive I would have told many more sweet little lies to see her smile.

Actually I am so much in love with these sweet little lies that are meant to make others happy, that I feel those are not lies at all but they are the original truth that win over the so-called truth. What is truth and what is not is just relative and it depends upon the way we see it. Take the example of that old cardigan. If I assumed that cardigan as just a piece of clothing without the emotions attached to that, then it would have remained with the label of being unattractive. But as I added that piece of clothing with the love and emotion of my grandma, that simple old piece turned into the most beautiful thing.

We should teach our kids to tell the truth but at the same time we should teach them not to tell those truths which hurt others.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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“Where Do You Want to Go, Grandma?”

As I am writing this, I am still unhappy. Deep down in my soul an uncanny feeling of sadness is still lingering. I went shopping today and took an auto rickshaw to return to my home. There were total four passengers including me. Normally the auto rickshaw driver starts the journey with six passengers. But as it was late afternoon and he had already a return trip booked, we got lucky and he started with only four of us. Midway, an old woman, about my grandma’s age stopped the rickshaw and told she wanted to go to Abantipur (where my home is). She was very old and she could barely walk. I offered her the backset that was occupied by me and shifted to the blank frontseat. She smiled and mumbled something, maybe a word of blessing.The other passengers on backseat helped her to be seated safely.

Soon after that she began to ask the driver “Do you know where the village panchayat office is?”

“No” the driver replied.

She turned to the other passengers and asked the same thing. Nobody knew that.

I told her that Abantipur is under municipality right now and there is no village panchayat office there. As far as I know, it was under village panchayat even before my birth and I am already twenty five now.

She looked surprised but did not believe me.

“Every body knows where the village panchayat office is then why don’t you know?” she tried again.

Other passengers also expressed their inability to identify such office.

“Where do you want to go, grandma?” I enquired. “Do you know any address, any name?”

She did not reply. She only murmured, “there was a big market and beside that market the office used to be.”

She believed it was still there. As the last stoppage came we all got down but the old woman was still searching for that office that does not exist anymore. The auto driver showed lack of empathy for this elderly, helpless woman and asked her to get down and pay the fare. She seemed confused and helpless. She said it was not the right place and she had no extra money to pay the fair to go back. I too stood there helplessly as I did not know where to send this helpless woman. The auto driver got impatient, so I intervened and paid him the fair and asked him to wait a minute.

“Will you be able to go home if the auto driver drops you to the same place from where you boarded the auto?” I asked.

She nodded feebly but she looked sad. I handed another ten rupee note to the auto driver and requested him to drop her at the same place. The auto driver seemed irritated but I tried to make him understand that it was not her fault. The family members should never have allowed her to travel alone. The driver agreed and started the engine.

I agian turned to the woman and said, “go back to your home, grandma; and never travel alone” and waved at her.”

She smiled faintly and said, “but I came here in search of my home” and waved back at me.

The auto already started running along the dusty road as I stood there with a bunch of sadness and a lump in my throat. The auto disappered after taking a left turn. I also turned back and started for my home with a heavy heart.

Who she was, where she lives, where she wanted to go and where her family members are will always remain a mystery . Her last words will always haunt me for the rest of my life. “But I came here in search of my home.”

It’s very sad to see an elderly woman in a helpless condition like this. But this is no rare event. Incidents like this happen often. We all should remember the hardships our parents endured to give us a better future.  Children are never burden for parents then why parents become burdens for children? If we treat our parents like this then what message are we giving to our children? We need to seriously rethink about that.