Childhood Memoirs

The day started as any other day. I got up early and got ready for work and left home around 9 in the morning. It was chilly outside, I hugged my jacket a little closer. The wind was blowing hard, making my hair to fall over my eyes and blur my vision. A squirrel hurried away with a peanut as I walked past it. A little boy in a red sweater was walking ahead of me. Suddenly he stopped, turned back and shouted “Didi.” A girl about two or three years older than the boy was walking just beside me. She started running towards the little boy. My eyes filled with tears with that little shout of the little boy, “Didi.” (In bengali didi means elder sister.)

I kept on walking and tried not to cry. A whole bunch of memories flashed inside my mind. They came like the ocean tides, one after another. Me and my little brother playing hide and seek in a small valley situated at the lap of mighty Himalayas. We used to play hide and seek outdoors. Once my brother was not able to find me for a long time. I kept myself hidden behind a bush of bamboo tree. It was late afternoon and the sun was about to set. I kept my eyes on my brother who anxiously looked for me. Suddenly he began to cry and said “Please leopard don’t take my didi. Didi where are you? I will never quarrel with you or hit you, please come back.” I came running from my hideout and hugged him and he began to cry even more. He said he thought that I have been taken by some Himalayan leopard.

I assured him nothing can take me away from him. We will always be together. I pacified him by plucking some oranges and giving them to him. We came back home and my brother told my parents how a leopard came to take me and only after he cried and said he needs his didi, the leopard left me. My brother said the leopard also had a elder sister, that’s why he understood my brother’s plea. My mom and dad tried hard to hide their chuckle and agreed with my brother.

Years passed on. We were teenagers then. He used to choose dresses for me. If he did not like something I wore, he would make sure that I change that. When outside house, he would behave as if he was my elder brother. “Didi, walk with me. This place is not safe,” he would say. He would always protect me like I am the younger one. The relationship between a brother and sister is one of the most wonderful relations that God has ever created. It is a based on unconditional love and faith. I spent an awesome childhood because I had my brother as a playmate.

Some more years rolled on, I am married now and stay far away from my little brother. And I miss him so much. Whenever I see brothers and sisters together I go back to the memories of me and my dear brother. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. Those are bittersweet memories because I love them but can not relive them.