In response to : Three Perfect Shots

“Look at those clouds mom!” Nicki shouted excitedly.

Anna looked up to catch a glimpse. The clouds resembled the figure of a little girl like Nicki. Anna smiled and said, “It looks like you dear.”

“Isn’t it?” Nicki seemed glad at her own discovery. Soon Nicki got busy with her puzzle games and Anna drifted away into her past, into her childhood.

Little Anna was playing in the backyard of her home. The sun set just a moment ago and the sky still had some golden tints. The clouds were floating peacefully, without any rush. The shapes of the clouds were changing as if some painter was trying to draw the perfect figure over and over again.

‘Why the figures are changing mom?” Anna asked her mother.

Her mother was reading a book. She looked up and smiled at Anna.

“The clouds are like us dear. It changes their forms outside but inside they are all same. They all are droplets of water.”

Anna got curious, “Is that so?”

“Yes my dear.” Mom lifted her and kissed her cheeks.

“You know I was also little like you, I also chased the butterflies and spent all afternoon watching clouds. I was darling daughter of my mom and dad as you are now. Then I grew up, I got married to your dad. I became a wife. I left my parents house to live with your dad. Then after few years you came into our life, I became a mother. New relations were created but that only strengthened the older ones. So, you can see that a single person can be a daughter, a wife and a mother. But inside I am the same person who loves my family. I love my parents, I love your dad and I love you. You will also be a wife and a mother someday my dear.”


“Yes sweetheart?”

“I will never be a wife and leave you and dad. I love you both so much.” Anna said hiding her face in her mom’s lap.

“We love you to sweetheart.” Mom kissed her cheeks.

Suddenly a cool breeze broke Anna’s trance. She looked Nicki arranging the puzzle pieces. She will also grow up and will leave her nest one day. Her heart became heavy with the thought.

She looked up to the sky and saw it turning dark. The clouds that were resembling a little girl now has turned to a young lady in an attire of a bride.


11 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. This is a beautiful story! I love it! I found this just now in my SPAM MAIL folder. I have a ton of WP notifications that came into my SPAM MAIL. I apologize for not seeing it sooner because I certainly would have read it and responded.

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