Daring Do

I was sitting lazily with a book in my hand and trying to concentrate in a chapter for my upcoming exams. It was a nice afternoon of autumn. Suddenly I heard birds chirping together in an unusual way. It was not their normal melodies. It was more angrier. I put down the book from my lap and went outside to see the matter. As soon as I stepped outside I saw a cat aiming high at the branches of a Crape jasmine tree. I followed the cat’s aim and found out that a small bird was sitting on a branch and it was trembling in fear. It tried to hide behind the leaves but the cat was too smart.

The other bigger birds from the small bird’s family were trying hard to scare away the cat. Some braver birds were even attacking the cat with their beaks. But the cat was just too stubborn to budge. The little birdie was learning to fly it seemed but somehow ended upon that branch after it got tired. It was not ready to take another flight yet and the cat didn’t want to miss the chance of a meal. The whole story became clear in my mind.

I wasted no time and scared the cat away with the cellphone in my hand. I acted as if I was about to throw it upon him. The cat ran away as he was not smart enough to find out that I would never want to break my cellphone. As soon as the cat was out of sight the other birds became calm.

I brought a chair and sat outside. The little birdie tried to fly again and again. At last it stretched its wings and flew to a higher branch of a mango tree. All the time its family was beside to encourage the birdie.

Finally it was out of danger and I returned back to my room. I quickened the pace of my study.

In respose to Daily Prompt: Daring Do


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