Be The Change

I used to see a dream very often. I stood in front of a never ending staircase. I tried to climb that every time but after climbing few steps I just got lost. I tried very hard to go ahead but I couldn’t find the way. I even could not stand straight and I began to crawl. I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t climb the stairs while others could easily. I cried for help but nobody came. Suddenly everything around me became dark and I could not see anything. I lost control and I was about to fall. I woke up with a sudden jolt.

The dream was so common that I wanted to analyze what it means but I was not able to find out. I thought hard about when was the first time I saw it. During that time I was stressed about my career and relationship and always thought about what I will do next. I spent lot of time thinking about the long term goals in my life without concentrating on the nearby short time goals. Maybe the dream was trying to tell me something, I thought.

I changed my working and thinking pattern. I gave priorities to my short time goals rather than thinking about my unseen future. I started completing the projects that were pending and tried to be optimistic about my life.

The dream that came almost every alternate nights was not coming anymore. Then suddenly one day, I saw the same staircase. I started climbing as usual but this time I reached the top without any problem.

I realized what the dreams were trying to convey. The small steps in the stairs are like small day to day things in our life. The steps are small but they are very important to lead us to the top. We can not ignore any of the steps if we really want to reach the destination. We just need to faithfully carry our small duties to reach the ultimate goal in our life.

To see a change in my tomorrow I need to be the change today. My conscious mind was not able to apprehend that so my subconscious mind made me aware of the fact in my dreams.

In response to Daily Prompt: Be The Change

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5 thoughts on “Be The Change

  1. Now that is some gyan you have written .. so very true be the change yourself and things around will automatically change ..

    the most important person and the person who can make the change is “That man in the mirror”

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