Always in Love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

When I was in high school I met my future husband (then boyfriend) for the first time. We became friends instantly and we had so much in common that our friendship turned into love in no time. We were so happy with each other. We were together for two years before he left India and shifted to the US permanently. In those two years, we never had a single argument, he never made me cry for a single time. But the journey of our love was not as smooth as it seems.

My parents found out about our relationship and they thought at 17, I was not mature enough to be in a relationship. So, they tried to make me understand to end this affair and concentrate on my studies instead. Here, parents always think that if their children are involved in any relationship during studies then they will do bad, academically. I was too afraid to make them understand that he is the one that I want to spend my rest of my life with. I just lied to my parents that I will end the relationship. But they found out my lie again. This time my dad took away my cellphone. My cellphone was the only way to contact my boyfriend as our board exams (class 12) were over by that time and I was not allowed to go outside my house untill my college started.

I could not contact him for months. Back on 2006, internet was not common at the place where I lived. I did not even get to know which day he left India. I went into depression after I found that he left. But I never stopped loving him. Two years later on 2008 I got first internet connection. I searched for him on Facebook and found him. We chatted occasionally on Facebook.  I still loved him but I thought he must have moved on. Then one day he sent me a link to the song “Still loving you” by Scorpions. I understood what he meant to say but was not sure. The next day he said indeed he still loved me. He was hesitating to say that because he was not sure whether I felt the same way for him.  Both of us never moved on and we kept loving each other in spite of not knowing about each other’s feelings. We were in love all the time. I was so happy that day that I had tears in my eyes, the tears of joy.

P.S. With the help of God and of course Facebook I got my love back. I am thankful to both of them.


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