Getting Seasonal

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Getting Seasonal.”

Holiday season is near. An eventful year is going to end and a brand new year is about to begin. The question is am I happy and exited for the celebrations?

Honestly, I am ready for the season of celebrations but I am not as exited and happy as before. When I was young any festival meant a lot to me. One of the major reason behind that was that we had holiday breaks during that time in our school. No homework,no waking up in the morning and playing all day long doubled the joy of holiday season. My favourite activity was to read story books during the holidays. I read those books so eagerly that my mom used to say that if I had read my textbooks with half of that enthusiasm I would have topped my board exams.

I was not allowed to read story books daily while semesters were going on. But in holidays I was free from that restriction. The second reason to be happy was that during this time we got new dresses. Shopping throughout the year was not common at that time, so we children always waited for this time of the year.

Holidays and celebrations meant all the relatives gathered together at a place and enjoyed the time. We have a large group of cousins and we had a lot of fun together.

But now holidays are not that much exiting anymore. Those large gatherings are now a matter of history. We grew up and scattered in different parts of the globe and all of us now do not have a common time and common place to meet.

When I was young and had so many restrictions I wanted to grow up quick but now that I grew up, I realize that there was a hell lot of fun then in spite of the restrictons. I was so busy to grow up and be free. But now that I am free I feel those days were best of my life.

The exitement and happiness that I had for the holidays during my childhood can not be compared to the present time. Nowadays it has became a routine but earlier it was a mystery that I eagerly waited for.


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