Sweet Little Lies. Yes they do exist in my dictionary.

In fact we should learn the art to speak the sweet little lies once in a while to keep the smile intact in others face instead of saying the harsh truth and robbing their happiness.

I remember once my grandma gave me an old cardigan and said that she will be very happy if I wore that. The cardigan was old, pale and out of fashion but still I wore that and said my grandma that I liked that very much. Her face glowed with happiness.

That one moment of happiness was far more precious for me than telling the truth that the cardigan was not beautiful.

Today my grandma is no more but I miss her a lot. If she was alive I would have told many more sweet little lies to see her smile.

Actually I am so much in love with these sweet little lies that are meant to make others happy, that I feel those are not lies at all but they are the original truth that win over the so-called truth. What is truth and what is not is just relative and it depends upon the way we see it. Take the example of that old cardigan. If I assumed that cardigan as just a piece of clothing without the emotions attached to that, then it would have remained with the label of being unattractive. But as I added that piece of clothing with the love and emotion of my grandma, that simple old piece turned into the most beautiful thing.

We should teach our kids to tell the truth but at the same time we should teach them not to tell those truths which hurt others.

Have a great weekend everyone!

In response to Daily Prompt: Sweet Little Lies

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