Recently Acquired

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

One month ago, I was not sure whether my thoughts were worth sharing. I wanted to write but there was always a question in my mind, “what will be the topic?” I thought the topic should be well enough to be written. I was so busy searching for a good plot, that I almost forgot writing. Then suddenly I saw a topic on Daily Prompt. It was plain and simple everyday topic. I started developing my ideas based on that. Since then I never looked back and no longer I spend sleepless nights in search of that perfect topic.

I now know that thoughts become alive not by writing about some perfect ethereal ideas. One can write about the daily simple things and turn it into a masterpiece. No, I have not written any masterpiece yet. But I have acquired the habit of writing daily about whatever I like.

In spite of chasing in my dreams for a perfect plot, I get inspired to write when I read other blogger’s posts. As long as I keep on reading, there will be always something that I can write about.


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