Wrong Turned Into Right

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

I am sharing my mom’s experience that she had fourteen years ago.

On year 2000 my dad had a health problem. The condition became critical so he was taken to a nursing home. He was under treatment for three days there but in spite of that the condition deteriorated. My mom was all alone to take care of my dad. Me and my brother were small and we could not help her.

My mom became restless as the condition of my dad was not improving. She asked one of the doctors whether they were treating him right. The doctor was furious and told my mom to mind her own business as he was the doctor, not my mom. He also told that my father had kidney problem and he needs dialysis for the rest of his life. My mom was not sure but she did not believe that my dad did not have any kidney ailment. On third night my dad was having breathing problem so my mom informed the nurse. The nurse gave an oxygen mask and left. But soon after wearing the mask my dad’s breathing problem increased. My mom had a feeling that the oxygen cylinder was empty. She called the nurse again and told her that. She refused to change the cylinder and said it was alright. But my mother did not stay calm. She removed the oxygen mask and called the doctor. The doctor came and he found out that the oxygen cylinder was empty. He apologised to my mom. Next day she shifted my dad to another nursing home as she was sick of the pathetic service.

The doctors at the new nursing home found out that my dad had no kidney problem but broncho-pneumonia. He was treated with care and he got well soon.

It was the gut feeling that my mother had that night, that saved my dad.


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