If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology? To answer that I am going to tell a story. A story of an unusual friendship and love.

I was in a slumber, deep down inside my mother’s womb. I woke up gently as the fairies sprinkled the nectar of life upon me. I could not see at first as I was protected inside the darkness for so many days. I crept outside slowly while still connected to my mother. I was a tree. I saw the world outside for the very first time and it was beautiful. Gradually, I grew up and bacame stronger. I got to know so many people. I loved them all. They were a part of my family. They were also the children of mother earth like I was.

Among the people I knew, I miss one girl very much. She was very small when I first met her. She came to play with her friends, in the garden where my home was. She rested under my shade when sun shone brightly. She used to swing from my branches. Time passed by and she grew up and she stopped coming to the garden. I heard from her friends that her family left the place and shifted elsewhere permanantly. I did not know where she went. Whenever the skies got dark and I found a shooting star, I wished that I could see her again.

Years rolled on and I was cut down and brought to a factory. The people cut me and made something from me. I didn’t know what it was, but later I got to know that they turned me into paper. I was binded into a notebook and I had a shiny pink cover. A factory worker kept me inside a wooden box along with several other notebooks and we travelled a long way by train. I was not able to see anything until I reached a small shop. The shop owner took us out from the box and arranged us on the shelves. I stayed there for some day and one day a girl came and bought me from that shop. She bought me home and from that day I travelled inside her school bag. Did I forgot to tell you, who she was? She was none other than the little girl i was talking about. She turned into a beautiful lady but I was still able to recognise her. Recognising her was easy. She still smiled the same way when she was little.

For two years I was with her. I felt so happy when she wrote on my pages with the sweet fragranced ink. When she memorized the notes from my pages I always smiled at her. Then one day she no more wrote on my pages. The house in which she resided was decorated so beautifully. The girl was also dressed beautifully with many ornaments. She looked really beautiful. Soon I found out that she got married and left her house to stay with her husband. I felt sad. After some days,I heard the girl’s mother saying someone to gather the old notebooks and give it to a person who buys old notebooks. I feel so sad now.

I woke up and looked at the clock on my bedstand. It was 05:00. The sun was about to come up. I got down my bed and drank a glass of water. Was that a dream! “Such an wierd dream” I thought. But I do remember the tree from my childhood and also I had a shiny pink coloured notebook. I was so confused. My notebook just told the story of its life in my dreams!

“Can this be true?” I asked myself. “Is there any relation between the tree and the notebook?” I tried to be reasonable.

There is a folklore that my mother used to say when I was a little girl. She said “the dreams that we see early in the morning turn out to be true.” I dialled my mother’s number and told her not to sell my used notebooks.

“Why not?” she asked.

“I can not tell you right now mom, but there is  something important that I have to do.”

After all my old friend, my notebook owed an apology from me for not recognising it.

In responce to Daily Prompt: Wronged Objects

More here :http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/wronged-objects/


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