2011 Himalayan Earthquake

I survived 6.9 magnitude 2011 Sikkim earthquake (also known as 2011 Himalayan earthquake). I understood, life and death are a matter of a moment and man is nothing in front of nature’s wrath.

   Into Oblivion

I didn’t know it was a dream,

After many years, I met my love.

I lost all hope to meet him again

But destiny gave me a second chance.

Suddenly darkness engulfed everything,

My love was going far.

Everything blurred in front of me,

I was trembling In fear.

I woke up in a dark reality,

And cried in fear.

My room was shaking terribly

But nobody could hear.

It was an earthquake.

I tried to run away.

I wanted to save myself,

But it was hard to find the way.

I thought about my family.

I never wanted to die this way!

There’s a thin lining between life and death,

I understood that day.

Don’t know how I got outside.

Was happy to find myself alive.

But not everybody was lucky enough,

Sank into oblivion were many lives.

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times!

In response to the Daily Prompt: An Extreme Tale. More here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/an-extreme-tale/


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