The Day Her Wait Started

She woke up early and stared blankly at the ceiling as finally the day arrived, inspite of her million wishes that it should not. The previous night she decided not to sleep and talk whole night with her husband. They kept on talking about the funny and not so funny things they did together in this last one month as the night passed. She wished the sky remained dark forever but darkness faded into the light. And it came with the fact that her husband will have to leave that day, without her. The packing was almost done. She helped with the final touch and also attached the name stickers on the luggage. The name stickers were handwritten by her. She gently attached them and felt that at least they will travel along with her husband. How she wished that she was just a sticker. Then there would be no boundaries for her.
They stayed together for 1 and a half months after marriage. Yes, they were newly married couple. July, they were married and mid August he was going to leave. She knew that, it was going to happen sometime soon. But she had no idea it was going to be this hard. Immigrating to USA is not an easy job, especially if someone is married to Legal Permanent Resident of Untied States of America. But she thought she could handle the separation. After all it’s not going to be forever. She was so happy with the thought of the marriage that she forcefully ignored the fact of being separated afterwards. But the day finally came. She tried hard to control her emotions as she did not want to show it to the other family members. It’s not good for a wife to show her emotions for her husband in India, especially if she is a new one.
She tried not to think about the separation on the way to the airport. Her husband was still acting like she was also going with him. On last few days they traveled to various places together. Maybe he was thinking about this journey as the previous ones. They reached the airport very early and waited there for about 2 hours. Then he got ready for the departure. She stood there with tears in her eyes and looked at him. That very moment, she saw the pain in his eyes. She forced herself to stop her tears. She never wanted him to see her crying and increase his pain. She wanted to be strong. She kept on staring until he faded among the crowd. She stood for some more time and left the airport.
She thought she will be alright after she reached home. But returning to a home without him, was worse than she thought. Each and every corner of their home was reminding her about him. She took a shower and tried to take a nap. She argued with her mind to stay calm and accept the fact that now she has to wait. She has to wait to see her husband again and the fact is, that the waiting period is unknown.
That night she could not sleep. She cried all night. Next morning when she woke up she reached for her husband sleeping beside her only to get back to the harsh reality, he was gone.
When they were in a long distance relationship, they thought marriage will make that wait easier. Both of them waited so long. But that morning without him, she realized the wait has just begun. And it was going to be harder than she thought.